Hey guys, it's Samuel from K-Powered.

Do you want to squeeze more power out of your little Honda?

Do you worry about your low-power engine?

Do you love insane RPM's?

That's what you'll get on this side!

I love my Honda Civic EM2 but I always worried about the low power which D17-Engines produce.

Some performance improvements?

I did the whole program. Complete exhaust, racing header, high flow catalyst, high flow intake manifold and so on. I recognized a little more torque and my pocket was empty. Tuning a natural aspired 1.7 liter engine?

NO! Don't waste your money

... except you want to boost it.

What other options do you have? Turbocharging? Of course. But it's not done with just installing a turbocharger. Your engine wasn't build for more air than it sucks by its own. It would result in a loud bang and the piston rods would greet you while flying up in to the sky.

Changing your motor internals would be absolutely necessary. This is a common way to get more power but I don't recommend it if you own a EM2 with a D17 engine like me. This motor isn't a good base for high power. 

I chose a different way:

K-Series swap

Honda built a extremely high speed and high power engine: The K20. You can find it in Acura RSX and Civic Type-R models. 200 horsepower out of two liter displacement and the rev-limiter set at around 8000 RPM. Amazing. That's what I wanted for my little Honda!

But how?

In the beginning I knew nothing on how to do an engine swap. The biggest questions were:

Which parts do I actually need?

How to do the wiring?

How much will it be?

I spent hours on searching through forums to get answers for my questions. Finally, after months of planning I bought a K20A2 engine from eBay. I started buying all the necessary parts one by one. I had still lots of open questions. After a few months the monster was implanted. It was a the most motivating moment after months of hard work, when the car finally stood on it's own feet... ugh.. I mean wheels of course.

But I was far from starting it up or driving. Nine months and a lot of issues later the engine was finally running how it was supposed to. I had problems including wrong wiring, rough idle and a lot of more bullshit you don't wanna go through. Trust me. When I think back to this time, I could have made a lot of things better, faster and less complicated.

A K20 swap is no science

... if you know how to do it properly.

I want to share all my experiences with you to make it less complicated for you and make your dream of a Type R EM2, which Honda never gave you, come true. On this side you'll get ALL necessary informations to successfully swap a K-Series engine in your car.