K20-EM2 Radiator, Fan & Battery

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Wow, the K20 is finally running! At the end of the last episode, we were able to make a first start up.

What's left? Radiator and fan were still missing and the battery had to be relocated to the trunk. I used an aftermarket radiator for my build but you can use an OEM part too. Radiators from Civic Si (EP3) models fit well. Unfortunately you can't use an OEM fan. The radiator support of the EM2 makes it difficult to mount these fans. I used an aftermarket 12" slim fan.

Because there was not enough space left for my battery in the engine compartment, I had to relocate it to the trunk. I laid the plus pole cable from the fuse box to the trunk and mounted the minus pole cable to a bold of the rear seat belts.

After I installed the last few parts (Airbox, bumper etc.) the K20-EM2 build was finished!


The fourth episode of our build shows you these steps in fast motion:


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