K20-EM2 Wiring, Clutch & Exhaust

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Finally the K20 is in! In the last episode I installed the engine, drivetrain and all suspension parts. The next thing was a bit more complicated. I had to do the wiring. The engine harness had to be connected to the cars chassis harness. Of course this didn't work "plug & play". I had to match up each cable of the K20 harness with the EM2 harness to make sure that the whole electric is working.

After this job was done I had to install the clutch line which connects the clutch master cylinder (pedal) with the slave cylinder (transmission). I chose the easy way: I bought an universal high pressure line with the correct fittings and the right length. This is a very clean solution.

Last job for this episode was the exhaust setup. Instead of the D17 header, the K20 header is mounted to the backside of the engine. That meant I had to throw out the EM2 catalytic converter completely. Good news: All aftermarket EM2 catbacks work well with a K20 swap. The only thing to do is to cut the pipe at the right length and re-weld it to the K20 catalytic converter or header pipe which comes from the engine.


The third episode of our build shows you these steps in fast motion:


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