K20 Engine Assembly

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Have you ever wondered about of how many parts a K-Series engine consists of?

Or you've maybe bought one of these bare engine blocks on eBay and now need to find all the rest?

Don't get me wrong here - I'm not talking about every single part inside the engine, like pistons or rods. I talk about all the stuff which is attached to the bare block. 

Generator, intake manifold, water pump,

... and so forth.

We needed to make a K20A2 long block ready for an upcoming project, or more accurately "ready to swap". In the video below, you can watch the full process in just six minutes:

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One Comment on “K20 Engine Assembly”

  1. Can u please list everything k20 motor need to complete the video was helpful just need to no the names of the stuff please i got a k24 and theres a couple things i need to make it complete

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