How to make
200+ hp
with your 01-05 Honda Civic?

Well, there are different options to accomplish this goal. You could install a turbocharger, try to reach this power output by modifying your engine internals, or just throw in a nitro system.

All of that sounds exciting.

But would it last long? Is it affordable?

If we take a closer look at the D17 engine which is the most common in our 01-05 Honda Civics, we soon find out that we chose the wrong car for any serious power-boosting modifications.

Even if we don't touch the motor or any of its connected systems, the chance is high that we'll run into some serious engine failures over time, especially if we race it every now and then.

But there's a solution which gives us the desired 200 hp (or more), and eliminates all of our engine-related worries:


No matter if you're a newcomer to the Honda scene or have been an enthusiast for several years - if you're excited about bringing your Civic to the next level, our Honda Civic K-Swap kickstart guide is right for you.

In detail, we'll discuss the following topics:

Total Costs

The budget variable probably sets the outline of the entire project and if it's possible to achieve. We'll take a look at two engine options and their required parts to calculate the tally.


Engine Options

There's not only one K-Series engine, but a whole series of different models. Depending on your budget and power-output goals, there are different motors to consider.

Required Tools

Replacing an entire motor asks for a few more tools than a regular oil change. But it's absolutely possible to do a K-Swap at home without the necessity of giving your car away to a professional workshop.

Which engine do you plan to swap?

Which engine do you plan to swap?

What Do Other Honda Tuners Say?


"Good purchase and I do recommend, provides some good information about parts planning."


"Thank you for the Info! This really gives me a idea now how and what to do! Really thank you!"


"Excellent product found it to be very helpful and informative"


"Already finished my swap and already running without any troubles :-)!! Many thanks for your support."


"Sam you have done something really great here. Before this tutorial I wanted to pay someone to put this motor in now, I can do it myself."


"Hello Samuel, You have done a very good job..congratulations!!"


"Hi everyone, I'm a Spanish Honda lover, living in Italy. One of my dreams was to do a K20 Swap. I have a Honda FRV family car, and I bought a Type R civic K20 engine. Thanks to this guide and the help of Samuel, I did it. Finally, the car is ruining and everything is working. Thank you K-Powered team!!!"


"This guide gave me the confidence to buy a K20A2. I'm very new to the car scene and I want to learn badly. This guide has been a great help. If there was a video on ac and heat, that would be dope. Also, I think it would be cool if they added another course, where they take apart the engine, redo the seals, timing chain, all that. Other than that, the course is excellent. They answer any little questions I have over email as well. Would highly recommend."

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