Hi, it's Samuel from K-Powered!

Reading those lines above feels like a throwback to 2013, when I first thought about a K-Swap for my Honda Civic EM2.

Back then, I knew almost nothing about cars and engines and thinking of doing an engine swap overwhelmed me completely.

Obviously, I needed one of those motors. But what else?

I scrolled through some amazing build threads on forums which showed K20 engines, installed in a variety of different Honda models.

The owners also posted pictures of the swap itself and all the parts they bought for their projects.

These build stories confused me even more.

Why do I need this?

What is this good for?

I felt lost.

You can find plenty of information about K-Swapped Civics on the internet

... but most of it is unstructured and too specific to a custom project.

YouTube is also a very good source to get an idea on how these aggregates can be installed in cars which don't originally came with K-Series engines.

But these videos bring more general information and don't tell you what is exactly needed and what you have to do to achieve your goal.

There are manufacturers which offer special swap part kits. They make the job much easier, but most of them are not essentially needed.

So finally, I started the long journey by purchasing a K20A2 engine from eBay.

The first and biggest step was taken! But what now?

I already knew that I needed special engine mounts to fit the K20 in the EM2 chassis.

From this point on, I spend hours on research.

Forums, service manuals, interviewing people who already did this swap. But even then I didn't get a clear understanding.

Just start with removing the old engine seemed the right way to me.

Once everything is out, it shouldn't be hard to fit the K20 in the engine bay.

Detaching parts is always easier than mounting, and somehow I was able to pull the D17 out.


Next challenge was fitting in the K20, which is bigger compared with the tiny D-Series.


After several attempts and a bunch of new scratches in the engine bay's paint later, the motor was in and the aftermarket swap mounts ensured a good fitment.


It was very motivating after I had reached this little milestone, but the wiring topic which was waiting for me kept me worrying.

I had never worked on the electrical system before!

Luckily I was able to find a helpful guide on how to re-wire the K-Series engine harness so that it can communicate with the rest of the car.

After meticulously following every single step, I turned the ignition key to test my work.

Well, at least there was no fire or strange smells. But the engine didn't fire up either.

A couple of hours of troubleshooting later, I found out that the immobilizer system wasn't happy with the freshly installed K20 ECU.

Then, the big moment.

After the first signs of life, I couldn't wait to bring the car on the road!

Topics like clutch system, throttle, driveshafts, and exhaust weren't easier to solve. They required a few more weeks of test-fitting different parts from cars like the Acura RSX and Civic Type-R, to find the right ones for the EM2.

But in the end, the Civic was assembled back together and the shiny white K20 valve cover was an instant eye-catcher.


When I think back to the hours I spent working on my car, I can tell that the majority of time was spent with troubleshooting and finding solutions for parts which didn't fit.

Also, the parts list for this project was long.

Too long.

I wasted money on parts which I didn't essentially need.

I bought components which didn't fit.

I even broke parts.

The lack of knowledge and the jungle of information forced me to follow different approaches until I found the right and working solution.

To be honest, I didn't plan this project with a set budget.

Instead, I just started buying parts.

Looking at the final total of my project proves that this wasn't very smart.

A complete guide line which only contains the essential stuff and a step-by-step guideline of the swap process itself would have saved me a lot of time and money.

After walking through the process of trial and error and wasting money, I am able to confidently bundle all my experiences together.

Knowing which components are needed for this build is not enough.

Understanding how to install all these parts and especially how to connect everything together is a key factor.

After we had brought the K-Swapped Civic on the road, we made the decision to bring the jungle of information and confusion about the Civic K-Swap to an end.

We brought another Civic EM2, this time a pre-facelift model, to our workshop and started doing a full K-Swap while documenting every single step we took, which parts we installed, and which tools we used.

We also set a rule to only stick with basic tools.

No fancy car lift or compressed air tools.

After two years of work, the program was finished.


Introducing ...

The 01-05 Civic K-Swap Guide

All Needed Parts. Every Single Step. Simply Explained.

What if you'll get a full, ready to use guide which explains you every single step of the swap process, without requiring any prior automotive knowledge from your side?

You could start with your project right now.

You won't waste money on unnecessary parts.

You won't have to do any time-consuming internet research.

You will avoid plenty of working hours.

You won't get lost because we will guide you through the entire process.


The K-Swap guide is separated into multiple modules - one for each major topic:


Each module consists of extensive lesson videos, which show and explain every single task.


The videos are followed by extensive lesson notes, which contain required parts, part numbers, and more information about the current module.


If you run into any issues, you can check the troubleshooting section for help.

In case that there is no solution to your problem provided, you can send us a problem report and we will give our best to solve it.


We are not done here.

In addition to the swap process guidance, you will get a huge bonus on top:

The 01-05 Civic K-Swap Parts List

Our first online course program which was launched a couple of years ago has become part of the 01-05 Civic K-Swap Guide and is a very powerful tool.


The 01-05 Civic K-Swap Part List is another extensive video course which shows you exactly what you need for your K-Swap project.

The program is fully dynamic and you can configure your personal parts list before you have to buy anything.

It covers a variety of different engine, transmission, and engine control unit options as well as additional upgrades such as bigger brakes and five-lug conversions.


You can also purchase the 01-05 Civic K-Swap Parts List separately.

If you're looking for a cheaper entry program to the whole K-Swap topic, this one will fit your needs.


How do I know if I could afford such a project?

That's a very legitimate question. It's nonsense to start this project if it's out of your personal budget.

A Honda Civic EM2 K20 swap with only essential parts and the cheaper K20A3 engine will make about $4,500 in total.

If this amount is out of your budget, this course isn't right for you.

Is this program right for my own project?

The 01-05 Civic K-Swap Guide is the fundamental guideline to build a running K20-swapped Civic EM2.

It explains and guides you through the entire swap process.

Also, it's focused on essential parts. No fancy swap kits or similar stuff.

But our advice is not set in stone.

You can customize your own build at any time.

Does this program include everything I need?

For this online course, we bought a stock 2003 Civic EM2 to start from scratch.

Throughout the program, we fully swap the car until it's ready to drive.

The 01-05 Civic K-Swap Parts List shows you which parts you can use as alternatives to the ones we used for the swap course.

For your own project, you can then choose the parts which are easy to get in your country.

Is there any prior experience or knowledge required?

Our main goal is to teach you how to do your very own personal K-Swap.

The entire material is extremely detailed so that you just have to follow each step.

More complicated modules such as the electrical section are broken down into easily understandable pieces.

Obviously, some handicraft skills are required when you work on your car, especially under the hood.

But even if you haven't done any automotive work in the past, don't worry.

The course is right for any level of experience.



We want you to get familiar with the course format as much as possible before you consider joining the program.

That's why we give you the first one of the K20-EM2 Swap Course videos for free:


During the time of developing and creating this program, we worked together with many people who did this kind of project or considered to take on the challenge in the future.

We shared initial versions of the Civic K-Swap Parts List to test it with people all around the world.

Here are some of their responses:


Try the 01-05 Civic K-Swap Guide for a full 30-Days.

You'll get access to the entire guide. If you're dissatisfied with the program for any reason, you'll get 100% of your money back.

We are convinced that we provide you only with high quality and helpful material.

That's why we offer you an unbeatable


If you are unhappy with the material, just write us an email and we will refund your money, no questions asked!


01-05 Civic K-Swap

Parts List

All Required Parts

Learn all about the required parts for your K-Swapped Civic in eleven video modules.

Bonus Information

We show you how to modify existing components to avoid buying other parts.

All Donor Cars

We show you from which cars you can get your parts to give you maximum flexibility.

Dynamic Parts List Including Estimated Costs

Configure your very own personal parts list for your upcoming K-Swap project and instantly get the estimated costs.

01-05 Civic K-Swap


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01-05 Civic K-Swap

Full Guide

4h+ Video Material

Watch us swapping a K20A2 engine into a bone stock Honda Civic EM2 until it's ready to drive.

Detailed Instructions

While we're working on the car, we explain every single step you can see in the videos.

OEM Part Numbers

Whenever we're using OEM Honda or Acura parts, the module's additional info section provides you with the right part numbers.

Ultimate Part List INCLUDED

The extensive K20-EM2 Part List video course which shows you which parts you'll exactly need is part of this program.

Wiring Guide INCLUDED

The highly detailed 01-05 Civic K-Swap Wiring Guide is also included in this program.

01-05 Civic K-Swap


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